Our prefered method of communication is by e-mail in that it gives all concerned a written, recordable, accurate, verifiable and concise communication that will save time, money and avoid misunderstanding.

To place your order: Your order should be placed on line through our shopping cart....... Please do not call us or send a fax to place your order, our credit card processor does not allow us to enter credit card information to them by telephone for security reasons. Your credit card order can only be placed on line at this time. A mail in order can also be placed from our shopping cart by your clicking the arrow to the right of payment method dialog box and selecting your option from the drop down window. Please fill out the mail in order form completely. It sends us a e-mail of your pending order so we will know that you might possibly be sending us a order. We do not consider your pending order a order until we receive payment, if we do not receive payment it is not a order. After you complete the mail in order form print it out and mail it in to us with your payment. Payment by money order ships in the time frame per the information on that items web page. Orders paid by check ship in 20 business days due to banks no longer providing information as to a specific check number having cleared. To request information: Please request information by e-mail if you need it right away... Information request by phone will be to a voice mail box and could take up to 72 hours for a return call. We do return our calls. Cell phone callers beware, cell phone voice messages frequently break up and are not audible or complete and cannot be responded to when we cannot make out the message. If the return call number is not complete we cannot return the call. To request a next day air shipment: To request a next day air shipment you must first e-mail us to check stock. If the item is in stock we will notify you to place your order on line and select the next day air shipment option and pay by credit card. We do not ship FedX at this time and our next day air shipping does have a handling charge included. Please do not send us or call in your FedX number. e-mail customerservice@americankelco.com Our mailing address: Kelco Industries 544 Lewelling Blvd. San Leandro, CA 94579 Attn: Customer service To contact us by fax 510.483.7766 To contact us by voice mail 510.483.7765